Saturday, April 26, 2008


This is the greatest time of year for anyone that calls her or himself a sports fan. If you have a short attention span (with all due respect to those who suffer from any attention disorder), you'll be attached to your remote.

Your significant other or your children... not so much.

Because these two weeks (not to mention the past eight days) are sheer sports insanity, Scribe is found three pieces on 'the Internets' that are somewhat timely.

NFL: Prior to last year's NFL Draft, Len Pasquerelli ( wrote a interesting piece about the veteran players that lose their jobs as a result of the influx of rookies.

NBA: The new campaign for the NBA Playoffs inspired Time Magazine's recent cover. Does this speak more about the historic mess that is the Presidential race or the brilliance of the league's advertisements? For Scribe, the latter works.

MLB: Just as Scribe was searching for something related to the auspicious start by the Detroit Tigers - a team projected by some to represent the American League in the World Series - another ESPN piece surfaces. This comes from The Magazine and it speaks about a different sort of baseball feud that does not involve curses, buried jerseys and bleacher bums (no disrespect towards y'all Marlins and Rays fans). As if the Tigers and Chicago White Sox don't already have enough to fight about.

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