Thursday, June 5, 2008


Would you like to read something absurd?

  • Harkening back to Open, here a very controversial story out of Seattle. Apparently, a lesbian couple was disturbing the family setting of a Mariners game by their public displays of affection. One of the women was upset that one of the Safeco Field ushers asked her to stop kissing her date because a fan felt uncomfortable.

    Oh boy.

    When I read it, it brought up a somewhat-secondary issue next to the continued homophobia in our world. That code of conduct that is read prior to every game... does anyone listen?

How about two!

  • That controversial study about how referees' calls favor white or fair-skinned NBA players to black players has reared its ugly head again. Daniel Engber of Slate Magazine discusses how that study, along with several other trials involving racial identity have an affect on the motions of the game, especially with officials.

    So much for just enjoying Game 1 of the Finals tonight in Boston just on its own merit.

Let's go for the trifecta!

Go to town on this stuff. Thoughts, questions, solutions. Anything.

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