Tuesday, June 3, 2008


There are actually words - and great words that aren't appropriate for a G-rated blog such as this - to describe the tiny smidgen of joy at the moment.

Over the weekend, the alumni magazine arrived, but with being that this guy was barely home except for food, there was no time to look at it. Just a few minutes ago as I was doing some cleaning, I had parused through very casually. Then, with one page turn, this comes up as the first news bite for the undergraduate Class of 2004:

Jason Clinkscales is a freelance sportswriter in New York City. He wrote an article "Sports Journalists: Why So Angry?" that was published on January 20 in BC: BlogCritics Magazine, an online magazine at blogcritics.org. Jason's work is featured in the New York Beacon, a weekly African-American paper for which he is the reporter for the New York Yankees and New York Giants. His work can be found on his blog, A Sports Scribe, at asportsscribe.blogspot.com

Considering that Babson College is more known for finance, entrepreneurship and big money ballers (or baller hopefuls), this is a pretty big deal for me. So for all of my fellow alums who discovered that very bio, welcome and feel free to stay a while.

What else is a big deal? Tomorrow, expect a rundown on this weekend's Gary Lockett-Kelly Pavlik fight down in Atlantic City. I'll be covering The Ghost's first middleweight title defense for Sports NY Style (my return to the website that provided the spark for Scribe in the first place). Add that to another likely Yankee game on Sunday and there is much to do.

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