Thursday, June 26, 2008


Health before hustle.

That explains the lack of activity over the past
week. Nothing bad by any means (in fact, rather routine), but being poked and prodded does something to one's mood.

With that said, this weekend, Scribe will be here for the first time:

More specifically, here:

When the crew purchased tickets back in March, we figured that it would not be very difficult getting good seats. After all, it's going to be an interleague matchup between two teams that lost a combined 190 games last season, so the expectations were tempered.

Yet, we drive into the Steel City and find that the American League team, the Tampa Bay Rays, sports a 47-31 record* while the home team Pirates happen to be a pretty tough out at home (24-17 at PNC Park from a 37-41 record*).

Hopes are that not only the main Scribe will contribute throughout the weekend. It's been said by many baseball fans who have traveled around that PNC Park is the best park in the majors. For someone who adored AT&T Park in San Francisco and enjoyed Citizens' Bank Park in Philly, that's saying a lot.

So for those who haven't been, you'll get some interesting insights from whomever we run into along with the great audio and visuals. For those who have been, can you leave a comment about a good place to eat?

In the meanwhile, other works coming at you very soon.

*(as of tonight)

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