Friday, August 8, 2008


As you are preparing for another weekend of summer festivities (BBQing, loving the significant other, getting smacked around by the kids, drinking high-proof liquor until Monday morning, what-have-you), you should try to be near a radio or at least the internet Sunday afternoon.

After being unexpectedly bumped last week, the official return as Giants beat reporter for WHCR's 'What's Going On' takes place Sunday afternoon at 3PM eastern. It'll be a re-introduction of not only the defending Super Bowl champs, but of some kid trying to be 'a real media guy'. So put that in your Outlook/Crackberry/iTouch.


If you're in the NYC vicinity, tun to 90.3 FM. If not, just hit the live link on the website. Call-in numbers are on the site as well.

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