Monday, October 27, 2008


Baseball will continually be second-guessed for any and every decision made, such as the one that suspended Game 5 of the World Series. So, think of these questions:
  1. As we discovered, calling the game after the fifth inning would have given the Phillies the Series. With that said, would you have played the game to begin with? I can imagine the answers, but lay them on the line.

  2. Which team does this suspension help more? Hurt?

  3. For those who follow the Nielsen ratings, does this help or hurt?

  4. Are you surprised that there wasn't a riot in the stands from Philadelphia's finest? Maybe I'm being harsh, but this article from Yahoo! Sports' Steve Henson may provide a little context.

1 comment:

Chickadee said...

I would have at least started the game, but by the third inning when it was pouring hard and they knew it wasn't gonna get better, the game should've been called. I know that would've given the Phillies the championship though, so I guess it worked out for the dramatist's, and Rays fans' - sake. I wouldn't have even played game three after the hour and a half delay.

Ratings for the series are down anyway, especially Game 3's, and with NBA season starting tomorrow and no one else but Philly and Tampa fans really caring, I think the ratings will stay low.

Philadelphia will have time to riot soon enough - whether they win or lose (...but probably win).