Sunday, October 26, 2008


No early balloting here, but you can still practice those voting skills.

Leave a comment if you have any additional thoughts regarding the question.


Aaron said...

So if I voted before this post went up, it doesn't count as early voting? I'm kinda disappointed.

To me, the question was easy - if a team is from Boston I'm more likely to be a fan, so I'm more likely to watch it. I'm not sure it's true in general, but there it definitely affects my viewing choices. (Although these days, I generally take whatever I can get on TV, which isn't much.)

Jason Clinkscales said...

This slow, rainy morning gives way to finally respond to comments.

It's still early voting in my eyes before it gets down to less than a week. Yet, in the spirit of shameless promotions and the current election landscape, using buzz words such as 'early voting' can only help the cause.

It's interesting because being in the 'major markets', we take our largess for granted, I think. Unless teams from smaller markets come to play our squads, a game between a team from Kansas City and one from Seattle may not tickle the fancy right away.

With that said, I wonder how folks who are in places such as Milwaukee or Nashville respond when the national broadcasters advertise the bigger markets in their town. Far from scientific, it's a poll that at least attempts to reach those folks along with my fellow "Noo Yawkas and Bahstonians".