Monday, November 3, 2008


Maybe I had too many Halloween cupcakes or the aftermath three nights of energy-sapping Halloween parties caught up to me, but Scribe needs some updating.

Tonight, for the first time, this writer is headed to The Rock. The New Jersey Devils host the Buffalo Sabres at the Prudential Center in Newark and thanks to a good friend from college, I'm finally going to check out the newest digs in the metropolitan area. Considering that the Giants' drubbing of the Cowboys was on yesterday's schedule, I think I've spent more time in the wonderful state of New Jersey (I'm serious, I actually like the Garden State) than in my own crib. Go figure. So expect a ton of pictures, videos and randomness.

And yes, you're not crazy; I'm a black sportswriter who enjoys a good game of hockey.

Meanwhile, let me know how that MNF hustle, I mean plea for votes turns out. Better yet, just let me know about Washington and Pittsburgh.

And sticking with a hustle for votes, don't forget Scribe's poll if you haven't voted.

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