Tuesday, December 9, 2008


For those who are not near the NYC area or just want to see a preview of this week's version of the New York Beacon, here's a paragraph from this week's forthcoming Giants article.

As much as much of the media wanted to pin this loss to being distracted by the (Plaxico) Burress saga, the players and head coach Tom Coughlin didn’t bite. While Coughlin was quick to say that there was no mental lapse because of the off-field drama, defensive end Justin Tuck was more direct. “We got beat”, said the fourth-year player from Notre Dame before getting a few chuckles about how serious he was. In their struggles to try to get to (Donovan) McNabb, Tuck added that what didn’t work for them “was that (the Eagles) had 8-man, 7-man protections. I think they respected this (defensive) line and how we get pressure on the quarterback and they did things to stop us from doing it.”

While looking for his player page on the Giants' website, I did find Tuck's website (which I imagine will be updated rather soon).
Depending on some prior committments, I'll likely take on the New Jersey Nets beat at some time in the next few weeks. This will mean that I won't have the time off between the end of the Giants season and the start of the Yankee. However, I haven't covered an NBA game since I started working for the Beacon in 2005. More information to come.
In the meantime, if you see the paper on Thursday, just spare 75 cents... that is after you blew most of your cash on thirty copies of The Dark Knight.

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