Sunday, December 7, 2008

Impatient (II)

There was going to be a true, legitimate part two of Impatient. However, as it is done in football, the play was under review and overturned.

For starters, a conversation at work led to some crazy moment when a light came on and my bosses said I should run with the idea. It remains with the theme of ownership impatience, but it needs more corroborative source than, say, me.

However, while watching winds wreak havoc on kickers at the Eagles - Giants game, I ran into an interesting story (via The Sports Economist and Newmark's Door) from Slate. Ryan McCarthy believes that just because NBA teams fire coaches - bringing joy to fans and media opining for change they can believe in - it doesn't mean that their problems are solved. He actually tries to figure out what an NBA head coach actually does and how players may or may not respond to his style.

The Sports Economist makes a correlation to coaching salaries in both the NBA and college football. It's easy to figure that the dollars that coaches are getting play a major role in the quick hooks these days by owners and school administrators.

The series and these links deserve far more attention, but at the moment, so does this hard-hitting battle in East Rutheford.

Until this evening...

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