Thursday, December 4, 2008


As said in a email to a few friends/readers... this just sucks.

Now for some slightly more upbeat or at least... well, you decide.

Many thanks to the original uploaders of both videos... but I'm not going to eat the head.

I think we just found the newest chant in every arena the Rockets play in for the rest of the season.

And finally, before abandoning you all for the rest of the TNT NBA doubleheader: the topping off of the ginormous new digs for the Dallas Cowboys. As the son of a construction worker, I can appreciate the gesture of letting the folks who helped build this place leave their John Hancocks on the last beam.

One of the things that my dad took pride in more than the actual construction - whether he was walking on steel beams, operating the machinery or pulling together crews - was being able to show his children what his calloused hands helped erect. The pride that these people must feel - no matter how anyone feels about the team, owner Jerry Jones or the politics behind the project - cannot be measured in mere words.

Respect due.

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