Friday, January 9, 2009


Last night at another New Jersey Devils game, I came to the conclusion that I've been spending more time in the wonderful (no sarcasm) State of New Jersey than the wonderful (some sarcasm) City of New York in the past month.

Sunday, obviously, keeps the trend going.

With that said, between the IZOD Center and the Prudential Center videos, you have an idea of why the New Jersey Nets want to move. However, hopefully, you have an idea of why the Nets should treat their Barclays Center plans like a juvenile record; seal them, file them and (hopefully) never revisit them.

There will always be a city/town and a team willing to play footsies with each other in order to attract not only major league audiences, but indirectly attract major league employers for spuring economic development. At least that's the idea.

There is always talk of teams that are not performing well financially relocating to seemingly fertile lands. There are rather public discourses about attracting any pro team to Kansas City's Sprint Center, the uncertainty of several NHL teams in the South (east and west) and bringing NFL team back to Los Angeles (because Al Davis is still trying to move the Raiders back to LA and rumors about the Jaguars are still in the air)

However, the resistance coming from some government officials, civic-oriented organizations, small business owners and others will keep the fight going until either the team's ownership gives up or the players start looking around town for real estate.

So from just a curiosity standpoint (leaving politics and community matters out of the equation for now), I pose this to you: if you had full autonomy and authority while not having to worry about financing a stadium/arena:
  • Which teams would you move?
  • Where?
  • Why?
  • Finally, would you build a new stadium/arena or renovate exisiting grounds?
Say What?!?!: This post was inspired by what you can find about yourself via Google. Many thanks to No Land Grab.

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