Sunday, March 15, 2009

Almost (II)

As promised after yesterday's trek to Citi Field, an update of the (almost) completed new Yankee Stadium.

Stadium Wiki

Thoughts? Comments? Questions?


James Manning said...

How long will the Citi name last. It may turn out to be link Enron Park in a couple of months.

I'm not fond of naming rights for stadiums. I'd prefer the stadiums be named after an influencial person that was a part of the franchise or something that is attached to the city itself.

Jason Clinkscales said...

A few weeks back, if you recall, Citigroup explored ways to break the deal. Apparently, the Mets are legally bound to keeping the Citi Field name for at least a year (assuming that there is some sort of buyout of the deal plus the cost of finding a replacement and making the changes).

Naming rights never bothered me too much, but I take issue with a lot of the companies that did it when their finances were shaky to say the least (Enron, PSINet in Baltimore, Adelphia, 3Com, countless others). Yet, I would love to see a Jackie Robinson Park or Larry Doby Field come about for a major league team.

I do take issue with what Dan Gilbert did with Gund Arena when he purchased the Cavs; not only changing the name to Quicken Loans Arena, but giving it a nickname "The Q". What ever happened to letting a nickname come naturally?