Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Considering that this is St. Drunky's... err, Patty's Day, someone decided to not leave the office until it was time to go home. If you worked in near the parade route in midtown Manhattan (or for two years not too long ago, at its end), you had seen your fair share of green-painted faces and reddened cheeks of people who were socially-accepted alcoholics for a day.

Yet, after finally leaving the office and catching the final hour of sunlight, the sight of some other faces gave reason to break out the Sony CyberShot.

What makes New York City - specifically, the borough of Manhattan - such a unique place is the manner in which companies will promote their businesses. With Major League Soccer's New York-based Red Bulls struggling at the gate in a way-too-big-for-them Giants Stadium, any way to bring butts to the seats short of something immoral and/or illegal is welcome.

These folks were good. Granted, they are likely young struggling actors trying to pay their iPhone bills, but for them to have stood at the corner of Bryant Park for who knows how long in those positions was definitely one of those New York moments.

And unlike all of those people trying to hand you fliers for a not-so-funny comedy club and stopping in front of you to donate money for some non-for-profit hustle, this might actually work.

Key word; might. After all, the spring and summer bring a plethora of inexpensive outdoor opportunities.

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