Sunday, March 22, 2009


Things may be slow in terms of discussing events, at least for a day or two.

Tomorrow, yours truly reports for jury duty.

After being selected as a preliminary juror a few years back, it appears that New York County can't stop, won't stop (cue mid-90s Puffy/Diddy).

Of course, this has been known for about a month, but this past week did bring about some interesting news in the world of civic responsibility.

Just don't expect me to Twitter about it... now or ever.

Enjoy these.

Say What?!?!: Speaking of 12 Angry Men (classic 1957 original and a pretty decent remake forty years later), I was just thinking of one of the few good ideas MTV ever had, 12 Angry Viewers.
That brought about a vivid and not-so-fond memory of being a part of a tryout for an episode when some of the biggest poseurs in human history showed up and displayed enough stereotypes to 'earn' face time later that month.
Meanwhile, this future Scribe moved on to bigger and better things such as winning the Period 4 World Floor Hockey championship in high school later that year. Oh, the memories.

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