Saturday, April 18, 2009

National (I)

And so, this is the first truly spring weekend we've had in the northeast. So, it's not hard to imagine all of you east of Ohio and north of the Carolinas soaking in the good weather.

Regardless of your location, take the time later today to check out Nationals Park, the second place in a week that will find Scribe as one of its patrons for the day.

Now, those of you who have followed the blog for a while, you'll ask if I've already been here. Technically, yes since I was able to grab some photos during my vacation last October (see the slideshow). However, stepping inside with the fans is always a different experience and it should be quite fun.

I expect to see a ton of Alexander Ovechkin and Mike Green merchandise today as the Capitals continue the playoff series against the New York Rangers downtown in the Verizon Center.

Also, I'm dying to get the new road jersey (at least the blank).

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