Sunday, April 19, 2009

National (II)

The team is still finding an identity in this town (or to many denizens, still trying to find the strike zone). They brought promise and relatively cheap entertainment in a region starved for Major League Baseball to only bring losing and frustration. Yet, this Scribe believes that there is hope with the Washington Nationals, even if it might take a little more patience than some are willing to give.

This park was a great place to visit, from its monument facade to its prime location from public transportation to its famous Presidents Race. It was great to see that while the Nationals are trying to build their own history, the franchise felt that it was vital to display the history of the game in Washington as well as around the country. Even their homage to the Negro Leagues - most notably, the Homestead Grays (who also played in Pittsburgh, another city that gave the same respect) - was a pleasant surprise.

If there is something that I really took to, it was that the park itself is at ground level. We didn't use a flight of stairs until we walked to our seats. The park prides itself on this along with being environmentally friendly.

By the time this appears, we'll be on our way back north, but please leave your thoughts and questions.

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Teddy, Teddy, Teddy... someday, you will find the focus and determination to win.

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