Monday, April 6, 2009


And so it begins... for almost everyone else.

After Los Bravos opened the season with a win in Philadelphia, it's Opening Day for all but four teams today: Atlanta, the champion Phillies, Kansas City and the Chicago White Sox (the opener for the latter two was postponed).

Optimism will never run higher at any point in sports than at the dawn of a new baseball season. Every team has a shot to either shock the world and make a playoff run or assert season-long dominance.

No mediocre team has traded their best players to the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels or Cubs yet.

No player has gotten into a tussle with their manager yet.

Most of all, because he's on the shelf for a couple of weeks, Alex Rodriguez has yet to be booed and blamed for the economic recession.

If there is something that I cannot wait for this season, it's not the chase for a triple crown or the already-worn-out question of "who are this year's Tampa Bay Rays?" or even if Josh Hamilton can follow up two impressive seasons with a MVP campaign.

It's the day this man finally enjoys the sweet nectar they call victory.

Happy Opening Day to all and to all, don't forget about the other sports just yet.

Yes, even the men's basketball final tonight.

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