Sunday, April 5, 2009

Idea (II)

In regards to the idea proposed a few days ago:
  • If you are interested in sending pictures, make sure they come from a stand-alone camera (preferably digital, though a disposable could work just as well). Please do not sumbit cell phone pictures, even if it's from your iPhone or G2.

  • If submitting video clips, bear in mind the YouTube requirements: at most, ten minutes long and no more than 1 GB. Please make sure that there are no lewd comments, no swears and minimal.

  • Feel free to add some background story to your submission. This is about your perspective and your experience.

  • Since this will be going on for at least the spring and summer, feel free to submit more than once.

  • While this was inspired by the start of baseball season, in some places, MLB is not the only show in town. Whether it's tennis, soccer/football, WNBA, And1 or anything else involving a ball and crazy people, let Scribe help tell your story.
Once again, please send all submissions to

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