Wednesday, June 17, 2009


While there has yet to be a new video or post related to the new Yankee Stadium, there’s probably not a more anticipated piece of Scribe real estate.

Much of this is because of the previous park visits since last summer (Citizens Bank Park, PNC Park, Rangers Ballpark, Nationals Park and Citi Field). Yet, there’s something about this new cathedral in the Bronx that seems to stoke different fires.

From some folks I have heard from, the new Stadium is ostentatious and obnoxious. It’s obscenely expensive for the denizens in the terrace, grandstand and bleacher seats. The place screams “pre-recession excess” to those who still take a glance across the street at the slowly-dismantling House That Ruth Built (and George Remodeled).

From others, all that offends the po’ folks appeases the financially comfortable. Even if there are empty seats in those Legends Seats, the Stadium draws rave reviews for improved hospitality and newer amenities. It’s not the hot dog & beer crowd that the game has engendered, but this place seems to attach itself to the affluent fans rather well.

At some point, you’ll see something new and relevant on this page, whether it’s as a fan or as media, yet from all of the sights, sounds and reflections, I don’t think there’s a park in the entire Major League Baseball landscape that has garnered such mixed reviews. It may or may not be fair to say, but there seems to be a $1.5 billion display of classism.

So instead of waiting until I visit the new House, I would like to hear from those of you that have already attended at least one game so far. Please share your thoughts and experiences in the new Stadium. While every other stadium certainly invites its share of criticisms and praises based on personal and regional differences, none have and will ever receive the kind of attention the new Yankee Stadium has received since opening its doors.

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