Friday, August 14, 2009


The long awaited words on Michael Vick are delayed because... more folks have something to say and they need to me answered properly. You'll see a football-related post followed by a post that continues an off-field dialogue that we must have among ourselves beyond the newest Eagle.

Yet, what somewhat puzzles me is how relatively little attention was paid to the acquittal of Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall. Though the jury handed down a not guilty verdict for charges of battery, you'd be hard pressed to find people who believe that nothing happened.

Despite giving him some props for raising his fist in honor of President Obama's election, it was hard to forget that apparently, he used that very fist on his former girlfriend. There may have been some accusations of lies and recanting of the story, but there's no question of how serious and vile abuse is.

Well, I'd like to think there's no question, but we seem to be relatively mum on the subject.

Can anyone out there explain to me why?

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