Thursday, August 13, 2009


For the past four+ years, many relatives and friends have been curious about the 'legit' gig with the New York Beacon. I have been fortunate to have been with the African-American weekly paper since early 2005, having covered and opined about the happenings of a few New York sports teams and events. While it has been a conversation starter in many circles, what has always bothered me was that the paper doesn't have a large web presence and more often than not, its former site was rarely current.

Thankfully in recent months, the Beacon has put out a new website and began placing its current editions online in PDF format. So FINALLY, those who are not in the NYC vicinity can see the paper. Those that are here who can't find the paper on newsstands can check it out online without the assistance of a GPS.

Each week something of mine is published, you'll see a post with a quote or two from the article along with the accompanying link.

As a warning to those of you who many not know the nuances of the games I discuss, I try my best to not get bogged down in the vernacular. However, as the NFL season progresses, you will see more statistics and lingo of the game of football. Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments for explanations and clarity. For those of you who are walking sports encyclopedias, your comments, questions and debates are even more welcome now more than ever.

For all in between, I haven't forgotten you. Just say what's on your mind.

Last week (see page 39), I discussed the football impact of how the grand jury's decision to no indict middle linebacker Antonio Pierce brought relief not only to him, but the team as well. This week, I focused on Mathias Kiwanuka, the hybrid defensive end/stronside linebacker who might be the "Most Valuable Giant" this season based on his new role.

Kiwanuka sits second on the depth chart behind (Osi) Umenyiora, who is expected to emerge both as healthy and productive as he was in 2007. Kiwanuka may be a reserve now, but his role in many ways will be magnified under (new defensive coordinator Bill) Sheridan. As Umenyiora and (Justin) Tuck, he’s extremely strong and agile when it comes to the team’s pass rush. When either player needs a breather on the sidelines, there won’t be a dramatic drop off in the defensive line’s aggressiveness as he can spell them for a few snaps, if not a series. However, with the need to throw different looks at opposing offenses, Kiwanuka could be on the field in a variety of packages with several other new ‘toys’ for the defense.
Read the complete article on page 38 and feel free to comment here or here. Unlike our national 'conversation' about health care, we can talk freely and honestly.

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