Tuesday, August 4, 2009


MLB Extra Innings is a lifesaver. When there isn't much compelling entertainment on television, it's the long reliever when you need to make it to your desired programming destination. It also gives you a glimpse into ballparks that you may not have a chance to see in person or are anxious for the day you do.

Since chances are slim on another park visit this season, I was thinking of the places I'd like to see, though not necessarily because of the lauded nooks and crannies that you may hear about from baseball types, but for completely random and silly reasons. Here are three.

San Diego's PETCO Park: Certainly, it's beloved by many visiting announcers and players. Yet, while watching Atlanta's Adam LaRoche and San Diego's Kyle Blanks launch homers into right center field, I couldn't help but to laugh at adults throwing themselves into a sandbox to grab the balls. A SANDBOX?!?!

Though as this Flickr user points out here, it may not be the most responsible idea a team ever considered for ballpark design.

Milwaukee's Miller Park: Heard some very good things about this place over the last few years, but I will only go if I'm allowed to go down that slide (and not for just home runs, like Bernie Brewer here).

LandShark Stadium in Miami: Yeah, you're questioning my sanity now, I understand. Yet, you have to understand something. I want to be this guy (thanks to Random Pixels). I KNOW it'll get me on TV.

Of course, outside of LandShark, I would love to see all of the modern stadiums along with the seemingly required trek to Chicago for Wrigley Field (though I want to hang out with the Southsiders at the Cell). Yet, when watching on television, sometimes it's the utterly random and silly that catch my eye as opposed to the revered and celebrated.

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