Tuesday, November 3, 2009


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He may have not been the first to do it, but legendary Pittsburgh Steeler – and the favorite of this Scribe’s dear mum – “Mean Joe” Greene was a part of the greatest evolution in sports since the forward pass. Athlete-as-pitchman is something we seemingly take for granted until we notice that one guy (no girls until it’s time for a major tennis tournament) seems to be in every non-Cialis advertisement at a given time.

Beyond that, there are also a sports figure’s community initiatives, celebrity appearances and other off-field sightings that in various ways help build this person into a brand, even if that’s not always the intent.

So, how do you – regardless of interest in a sport, but certainly as a consumer – feel about the off-field marketing of an athlete? If you wish to be more detailed, feel free to leave a comment.

Meanwhile, not only should you have already read the newest essay and posts, but get misty-eyed from the classic Coke ad…

and chuckle at the classic... well, just chuckle.

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