Thursday, December 10, 2009

Perpetual (II)

As hilarious as this Sports Illustrated photo is (and it IS hilarious), this is also the lone mention on Scribe regarding Tiger Woods' personal problems. You stay classy, Jacksonville Jaguars.


As mentioned in previous ramblings, I've been writing a ton outside of Scribe in the last two weeks. This week was my debut with The Perpetual Post. On top of the usual chaos, there was also appearing in a podcast (which will appear soon, I hope) and writing two articles:

Allen Iverson's Return

Bud Selig's Legacy

This is a blessing, considering that at least until the start of the new year, there are going to be relatively short articles for the New York Beacon.

With TPP, I'll have the chance to discuss more basketball-related topics. It's a win-win for both sides not only do I get to write about the NBA for the first time outside of Scribe since 2006, but for TPP, there's another person on the roster that is willing to plop $170 on NBA League Pass per season.

Also, I'll add to the discourse of several different sports as well. The Selig discussion is a little more up my alley than, say, specific Winter Meeting moves. Yet, you'll see some of the same chatter with TPP that you'll see here on Scribe.

The Perpetual Post has sports as a spoke on a rather large wheel that includes news and politics, media and entertainment, culture and humor. While there's a very miniscule chance you'll see me enter those realms, there are some rather engaging conversations to be had.

While there are plenty of changes afoot for 2010 (all good ones, best believe it), it's been great to get a headstart on the new year with adding The Perpetual Post to my plate.

And now, onward to trying to figure out what will go in Issue 8 of The Norman Einsteins...

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