Monday, January 4, 2010

January Newness on the Norman Einsteins

If you have yet to check out the video and slideshow from my last visit to the soon-to-be-parking-lot that is Giants Stadium, feel free to do so. It'll be even better with some more perspective.

In the latest edition of the Norman Einsteins, I tried to give the place a proper farewell, yet I was more compelled with the recent run through of stadium construction history here in the metropolis that is New York. Keep an eye on the 'New' part, though.

For those of you connected to this area, the changes that have taken place in the area have overwhelmed as much as they have fascinated. As someone whose family is a part of said changes in Harlem (rehabilitation of exisiting housing being one of several community initiatives my kin have lend labor, time and support to), I would have been naiive to think that only my neighborhood was the only one undergoing a makeover.

The changes in the sporting venues in the area seem to be old hat to the rest of the country and that will be explained in the article. Yet, there's a tenor to the construction here that may be unmatched because everything else around it.

Previous articles had deleted scenes, however, because the additional media came prior to the article and no one was interviewed, you'll just have to play the video on endless loop.

In the meanwhile, this week will be a big one for Scribe as the start of the site revamp will take place. You've already noticed a slight change already with the posts with the titles, but that's not even a molecule in the entire iceberg. So get hyped!

Before that, there will be some newness for The Perpetual Post as well.

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