Monday, June 14, 2010

Playing Catch-up/World Cup Art

Yeah, I know. It's been a while.

To somewhat make up for weeks of lost time, here's a quick update.

  • Permanent new site design may be ready, but the implementation of it is not. Considering changing the Blogger design temporarily as I wanted to shake things up before...

  • ...taking a trip to Frankfurt, Germany & London, England from June 20th until at least July 2nd for the MBA program. However, because of the bountiful sporty things going on in those cities & nations, Scribe will have a heap full of newness for your eyes.

  • Though I did not contribute to June's Norman Einstein's Magazine, expect my return for July's edition. It'll be based on my trip to Europe, but I have to decide between four potential topics.

  • As usual these days, I've been more active with The Perpetual Post than this blog. Check out the latest, including a World Cup Roundup from the first weekend of action.

  • Sticking with the World Cup, these were images I captured from ESPN's display at the Time Warner Center in midtown Manhattan earlier today. Didn't get a picture of all 32 nations, but if you have the chance to check them out before the tournament ends, do so.

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