Sunday, September 12, 2010

Footbally Words

Somne of the words put down for this Thursday's past edition of the New York Beacon regarding the 2010 New York Giants:

Just days before Sunday’s opener versus the Carolina Panthers at the New Meadowlands Stadium, you might be wondering who will the New York Giants be this season? Can they still be identified from the Super Bowl outfit from 2007 and 2008 that forced an entire nation to take notice with strong front seven defenders and a steady diet of rushing offense? Or are they going to be the 2009 team that became surprisingly more reliant on a top-tier passing game because of defensive struggles and a running game with less pop?
What can be said is who they hope to be; a team that can create far more turnovers than last year’s unit, which only managed 24 (22nd of 32 teams) and one that can bring a stronger running game to compliment the 11th-best passing offense.
In addition, if you have not read September's edition of Norman Einstein's Magazine, please do. Excellence all around; a good bit of football with boxing and baseball thrown in to take the eyes off the gridiron for a few minutes.
Finally, expect NFL thoughts this week for The Perpetual Post and during my fourth guest co-hosting efforts on Sports at the Half of WHCR this Monday at 5PM Eastern.

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