Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Latest and Greatest Elsewhere

So, after a few weeks of co-hosting Sports @ the Half on WHCR with ChiChi Anunkor, yesterday was the first time calling in, giving a report on the New York Giants. For the remainder of the season, do yourselves a favor and check for me at 5:15 PM Eastern every Monday.

In addition, every Tuesday, for those who have yet to discover it, there is the NFL Week in Review with myself, Chris Pummer, Brad Goldbach and Alex Prewitt. Always good times and both compliment what you'd see from my work with the New York Beacon... if you can find it, of course.

Also, though there are no words from me this month, check the latest and certainly greatest from Norman Einstein's Magazine. Plenty of you saw The Tenth Inning and my colleagues have a great discussion from varied perspectives around the country. Oh, and check the new bios.

Finally, with the third and final semester in school getting into high gear, you will notice the off-and-on activity on Scribe that has made 2010 a bit of a struggle in terms of substance. All of this academic jazz is to make this blog better when the program is finished this December. With that said, I'm hoping to add some new features to the site as we approach the start of the NHL and NBA seasons, the MLB playoffs and, of course, serving the dope fiends when it comes to football.

For ongoing chatter, random references and any questions, do feel free to follow on Twitter. You'll feel like you won the lottery. Or not.

Say What?!?!: Speaking of the Giants, hats off to the NFL for 'going pink'. If you use social networks, you should do the same.

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