Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day: Plugs and Pictures

First of all, those who truly hustle for a better life and those working to get work, a wishfully Happy Labor Day to you. Even in this Great Recession, there are people who are out in the world trying to not only make a dollar, but make each day better than the day before. No matter how tough the grind can be, I hope all of us can be involved with something in our lives that bring in more than just the paychecks.

Secondly, a quick plug for my third co-hosting effort on Sports at the Half on WHCR today at 5PM eastern. As always, respect due to ChiChi Anunkor (follow her insanity on Twitter) for having me on. Obviously, we'll talk about the Jets finally giving cornerback Darrelle Revis his much-desired payday, but hopefully, we can move beyond the hype and talk about the substance of this upcoming NFL season.

Third, for tomorrow, when you're crying in your breakfast about the unofficial end of summer, there will be some photos from the Ballpark at St. George, home of the Single-A Staten Island Yankees. For the first time, I'm happy to report that the long-awaited New York City Baseball Park Tour is complete. A proper post will be dedicated for that, but here are a few pictures of the decade-old venue.

Finally, if you haven't, please check the latest from another edition of Norman Einstein's Magazine and The Perpetual Post (including a sportish response about the State of TV).

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