Friday, September 3, 2010

While You Wait: Norman Einstein's, Perpetual Post & Radio

So, if you've been following Scribe on Twitter, you know this writer is back in the football beat, though keeping a close eye on other happenings. Though this blog has not been as frequently updated as planned in this time off from school, it's all in hopes of making sure that from this point on, Scribe is better than ever before.

You have also been following the track of Hurricane Earl (or laughing at the gloomy reports from the east). It's thrown a wrench in some travel plans for this Labor Day weekend, so feel free to take advantage of the extra time to catch up to the latest Scribbles Elsewhere.

In this month's Norman Einstein's, my piece explores the not-so-discussed history of integration in the NFL. However, you should check out the remaining excellence from my teammates Alex Birdsall from There Are No Fours (Tragedy & Transcendence: Armando Galarraga's Imperfect Game), Patrick Truby from There's No 'I' in Blog (Hardball Heroes: A Conversation with Amber Roessner), Brian Blickenstaff of Touch & Tactics (48 Seconds: Curtis Johnson Jr. Fights for a Dream), Andrew Reilly of the widely-referenced 35th Street Review (Uneasy Lies the Bear That Wears a Crown) and of course, the Head Coach known as Cian O'Day (Thorn from the Lions' Paw).

In addition, Chris Pummer and I discuss the potential 18-game NFL regular season on The Perpetual Post. There will also be words on the state of television, which will have a slight sports perspective from my end.

Also, for some unexpected visuals, check out the latest from the Scribe Tumblr account.

Finally, if you haven't been able to catch if in the last two weeks, I have been a guest host for WHCR's Sports at the Half. Chi Chi & myself have been mostly talking up football, but there's more to come with the US Open and other events. I will be back in the studio this Labor Day at 5PM since I have no life.

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