Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Special Start Time for The Exchange

A couple of quick notes:
  • For at least one week, The Exchange will move up an hour to flow right into the NBA Finals. Tonight's show kicks off at 8PM Eastern and we'll discuss a few topics. We're obviously going to talk up the big three topics of the moment in sports: those aforementioned finals, the Stanley Cup Finals that begin tomorrow night in Vancouver and of course, the de-threading of the Sweater Vest at Ohio State. Follow the show on BlogTalkRadio and learn more.

  • If you haven't, check out the still-growing weekly version of Norman Einstein's, Unified Field Theory. Beyond my contribution two weeks ago, we have some real good work going on over there that continues from our monthly work from 2009 to this past winter.

  • Speaking of writing, although negativity overwhelmingly reigns freely in sports media, we're going to come upon some quieter days once these championship series are over. Be on the lookout for summer reading and viewing lists that will mix up the chatter a bit.

  • Finally, usually, this is the point where I say words are forthcoming. This is no different. Words are coming soon, just not under such distractions.
Remember, we start at 8PM Eastern tonight, not the normal 9PM Eastern.

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