Monday, May 16, 2011

We Be Puckin' on The Exchange

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So if you missed the first three episodes of The Exchange, do yourselves a favor and take a listen to each. For quick recaps:

  • Our debut featured Lahne Mattas of Steelergurl, one of the more popular Pittsburgh Steelers-themed sites going. We chatted on the NFL Draft that would take place later that week, including potential picks and the cloud that loomed over the festivities with the ongoing lockout.
  • Our second show provided a lengthy conversation about the ongoing NBA playoffs, some quick points on the previous week’s NFL Draft and a quick moment to reflect on the death of Osama bin Laden.
  • Last Tuesday’s show – extended to 90 minutes – gave us a fantastic discussion on sports ratings, the narrative of big versus small markets, announcers and the ‘Inferno of Idiocy’ thanks to Paulsen of Sports Media Watch.

Tomorrow, Sumit & I chat up hockey.

Say what?!?!

No, for real, we’re talking puck this week. We’ll have two guests this week:

There are plenty of readers and listeners who are unfamiliar with the game, but find themselves caught up in it this time of year. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are arguably the best in all North American sports and these last few weeks have once again lived up to those lofty claims. We figured this would be a great time to give you a chance to learn a bit about the players, coaches, teams and other intricacies of the game.

Yet, the NHL has also made waves for other reasons in the last several days; Sean Avery’s (New York Rangers) public support of gay marriage & a few reactionary tweets that it inspired, relocation rumors involving the Atlanta Thrashers & City of Winnipeg, the shocking death of Rangers enforcer Derek Boogaard, etc. Whatever we can address in a timely manner, we shall as some of these matters might seem familiar to other sports.

So do yourselves a favor and tune in. If you haven’t, follow and get into The Exchange on BlogTalkRadio.

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