Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Honestly, the return of the NBA has taken over the mind, body and soul... along with complete exhaustion.

In lieu of a preview or an elaborate post this evening, here are a few quick passes until a heavy day on Scribe tomorrow:
  • From New York Magazine, Chris Smith delves into how Bronx native, Donnie Walsh, is hoping to resurrect his hometown franchise. This shall be interesting considering a) that this magazine rarely ventures into sports unless there's something 'sexy' and b) no one really knows where this path will lead, no matter how well Walsh is regarded.

  • Sticking with the Five Boroughs somewhat is an article from this weekend's New York Times Magazine. Bruce Schoenfeld chronicles the long and bizarre (mostly bizarre) road to have professional basketball... in Oklahoma City.

  • From Advertising Age, Rich Thomaselli adds another comparison of one number 23 to another; this time, in relation to Madison Avenue. Hey, it's the fulltime job talking over here.

  • From The Biz of Basketball, Maury Brown highlights the special shoe that Kevin Garnett took to the floor during tonight's opener. You should now want your face to adorn a shoe.

  • Finally, this breaks from Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo! Sports. Anyone who has mentioned the New Jersey Nets in person to me has heard me rant somewhat about their tenable situation in trying to move to Brooklyn. This may further prove the point that I've been making... no one's coming to Brooklyn. More on this later.


Chickadee said...

I know some people in Seattle are ticked off right now...I know I am. I thought it could've came to Kansas City. Maybe when a couple of Russian businessmen buy the Nets, they'll plunk the team in Missouri so they can have a team again.

Jason Clinkscales said...

I think that once again, KC will be flirted with, similar to how the Pittsburgh Penguins did a year+ ago before they got a deal through the city and state of Pennsylvania. However, there's more of a chance that if (really, when) the Nets are sold, they will move to Newark. The Devils had said last year that they would welcome their former neighbors to The Rock.

Unless KC throws in the greatest sweetheart deal in history (which would essentially include at least partial ownership of the Sprint Center), Newark is a train stop away from Midtown Manhattan. Despite the city's dimming luster, NYC is still a major attractant for anyone thinking of owning a multi-million dollar business. It'll be interesting for sure, especially because the Sprint Center looks SO good.

D said...

You honestly think the NBA hasn't died since Michael. Players today dont have any respect for team. Its all about how much they can shine individually and how much they do not want to be on someone's poster. The league doesn't play defense. Players cannot shoot. AND whats worse, the games are not enjoyable. All the european leagues need are 4 all star players from the NBA, and I'll rather watch that.

Jason Clinkscales said...

D, because I didn't forget about you, I want to refer you to a previous post in which I discussed the schism that exist in the post-Jordan NBA.

Because NBA League Pass is the greatest single achievement this decade (after several 'more important things' like that Obama fellow), I will be in the complete mindset to follow up on your comment.

This shall be fun.

And chickadee, I am dying to know more about KC. Seriously, I've always wanted to understand the sporting life there.