Friday, September 4, 2009

Look-a-like (II)

As someone who constantly gets "you look like someone I know" or "you look just like (insert popular black guy on TV with glasses)", I can relate to being tired of hearing about who I remind someone of, especially if it's of someone that you aren't particularly fond of.

With that said, sometimes, I can't help but to think the same way. A few months back, you had the first Look-a-like post where Blake Griffin just seemed like he's been here before. I said first because the latest installment is something that I mentioned on Twitter to Emmitt Jones of Sports Business Digest. How the readers of Scribe were not blessed with this for so long is beyond me and I'm the one who thought of it!

So, without further adieu...

Why does Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers signal-caller (who is going to blow up this season, for sure)...

remind me of another guy whose star has exploded some over the past 18 months... CM Punk.

Maybe it's the photo, but even without the long hair now, I'm still going to call him GB Punk. Hope if he ever comes across this, take it as a compliment since both have found tremendous success over the past year+. Google them and you'll see. They're just twins to me.

Yes, and you're wondering "what's with Jason and the WWE?"

"Oh, you didn't know?!?!"

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